Stay Secure and Connected

When it comes to your security, Midwest Security has all the bases covered. Protect your home 24/7 with professional monitoring and emergency response. Contact us today to learn more.

Dedicated Cellular Connectivity—Stay protected and connected, even if the phone line is cut, the Internet is disconnected, or the power goes out.

Exclusive Crash and Smash Protection—Rest assured with patented technology that protects you even if an intruder destroys your security panel.

GPS Monitoring—Know where your company vehicles are at all times with our on-board monitoring systems.

Two-Way Emergency Voice—Communicate directly with first responders through the security panel in the event of an emergency.

Instant Awareness—Receive alerts when alarms are triggered, doors open, the power goes out, or when any other event that’s important to you occurs.

Remote Control—Arm or disarm your system, control lights, locks and thermostats no matter where you are.

Full Suite of Mobile Apps—Free, easy-to-use apps for nearly any mobile device.

Automate Your Home and Save Energy
with a Midwest Security System

Home Automation

Use your smartphone to know what’s going on in your home, and control everything from locks to lights.
Intelligent Automation—Enjoy light schedules that adjust automatically with seasons and time changes.

Keyless Entry—Lock and unlock doors through the free mobile app and leave your keys behind.

Customized Triggers—Use the sensors installed in your home to automatically trigger activity.

Garage Door Control—Remotely open and close garage doors as well as receive alerts when left open.

User Code Access—Assign user codes to give selective access for certain doors or locks in your home.

Energy Management Solutions

A smart thermostat will help you reduce energy use and save money—without compromising your lifestyle. It’ll also allow you to control your lights and thermostat anywhere with your smartphone. And you can stay aware of thermostat changes with email and text notifications.

Location-Based Thermostat Automation

Use your phone’s location to trigger automatic adjustments to your thermostat. For example, set your thermostat to automatically adjust to an energy-saving temperature when you drive away from home, and adjust to a more comfortable setting when you leave work to return home.

Extreme Temps
Set your thermostat to automatically adjust itself when extremely hot or cold weather is forecasted, and you’ll save on energy costs.

Smart Schedules
Adjust and optimize your thermostat settings based on actual activity patterns throughout your home as captured by your door, window, and motion sensors.

Customized Triggers
Automatically control your thermostat with powerful, personalized settings.

To learn how Smart Thermostats can save you money, or talk about Home Automation, contact us today.